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Punjatan Tabarrukat Centre

Ya Razzaqo Engraving on Dur-E-Najaf Stone

Ya Razzaqo Engraving on Dur-E-Najaf Stone

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Material: Dur-E-Najaf Stone

Type Of Work: Engraving 

Details: Dur-e-najaf is one of the precisous stone which is found in the holy city of najaf and it is related to mola Ali A.S and Ya Razzaqo is engraved on this stone .Wearing of this stone has no of benefits few are as under.

  • Solve your problems
  • Maintain good memory
  • increase self confidance
  • Protect person from bad eye and magic
  • joy in the heart

Stone is packed in a box to ensure safe delivery.

Delivery: Price Includes one piece of a stone.



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