We aim to provide our customers with the best handling of orders and shipping services possible, below are some of the frequently asked questions but please feel free to contact us if you require more details about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is shipping calculated ?

Shipping cost is calculated automatically on checkout, they are based on two factors: the total weight of the items you selected; and the shipping destination. In some items they are actual weight and in some volumetric weights are also used according to the courier rules. We send all orders from our headoffice located in Karachi - PK. We use DHL or FedEx, selection of courier is dependent on the availability and acceptance by courier company. Tracking numbers for all orders are sent in order to be able to track and trace. 

What is my order shipping time?

Usually orders are dispatch as quickly as possible. Total delivery time is the time we get the information to retrieve and pack your order and finally the actual shipping time. At our end it takes to dispatch orders within 48 hours after receiving them, then the actual shipping time depends on the destination address and courier delivery. Courier takes 4-5 days to deliver at your destination. 

What does my order status mean?

Pending: This is the initial level status indicates that the order has been created in the store's database, but the payment has not received yet OR the store is waiting for your payment to be cleared, (for example, an order processed through PayPal may get the status "Queued" until PayPal collect the payment from the customer)

In Process: This level of status indicates that the store has received your payment and your order is being completed (packing and handing over process to the courier company).

Failed: This status indicates that the payment processing has failed and the order will not be processed.

Shipped: This status indicates that the store has received your payment and your order is completed and also shipped. Tracking shall be sent to customers at this stage. On receiving the items we appreciate if you inform us with your feedback and comments.

Can I order according to my requirements?

Yes you can send us inquiries seperately for anything which is not available on our website. Those will take the standard time for processing, making & delivery. Mode of Payment in such cases will be Paypal, Bank Account Transfer. 

Do you ship to my country? Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship everywhere worldwide, please note that each country handles imported goods differently. You will be responsible for any custom or duty charges that may be applicable.

Can I send orders to others at different address or different country?

Yes you can send orders to others as long as you provide us with the recipient's full name, detailed address and phone number.

Will the items on my order ship together or separately?

Your items will be shipped together unless we found it safer to send them in 2 or more shipments. You will NOT be billed for extra shipment - you only get charged for one shipment.