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Bridal Quran Box Khana E Kaba Luxurious Embrace of a Velvet Box

Bridal Quran Box Khana E Kaba Luxurious Embrace of a Velvet Box

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Size: 11 x 10

Material: Black Velvet Bridal Quran Box

Details: "In the heart of the Haram, nestled near the Kaaba, rests a Quran box, its magnificence rivaling the grandeur of the sacred site itself.Embraced by the soft, luxurious embrace of a velvet box, the Quran, encased in splendor, radiates reverence.Adorned with intricate calligraphy and precious metals, this Quran box embodies the artistry of devotion, a treasure near the House of Allah.The Quran box glistens like a jewel in the vicinity of the Kaaba, a testament to the deep love and devotion of those who come to worship here.Its velvet exterior cradles the Quran, as if the verses themselves are wrapped in the velvety embrace of faith, awaiting the touch of the faithful.This Quran box near the Kaaba, with its elegant design and fine craftsmanship, stands as a symbol of the eternal bond between humanity and their Creator.

Shipping Details: Quran Box with Quran is packed properly to ensure safe delivery



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